Sunday, November 7, 2010

What Could Be Done

Sometimes you wonder, what could I have done differently?
This realization came to today.
A great friend of mine asked me if I knew someone. A guy from our high school graduating class, and I said no, I did not.
Well, apparently he died yesterday, possibly from suicide.
How sad is it that I went to such a big school that I didn't even know him? His name must've passed at graduation, but I probably didn't even care.

You come to these realizations sometimes, and I just wonder if I could've been a light to him in high school, done something differently to have a different ending to his story.

If anyone is reading this and is wondering if this could happen to them:

That movie has changed my outlook on life, and I have it if anyone wants to borrow it.
Suicide is never the answer, and we need to get people to see that.

Thanks for reading.

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